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SubalgebraBases :: Subring

Subring -- The type of all subrings


Subring is a type that stores information associated to a subring of a polynomial ring, such as a set of subring generators and a reference to the polynomial ring it is contained in. An instance of a Subring is constructed with the function subring.

Every instance of Subring is guaranteed to have the following keys:

  • ambientRing: The polynomial or quotient ring that contains the subring instance's generators.
  • generators: A one-row matrix, the generators of the subring.
  • cache: Contains unspecified information. The contents of the cache may effect performance, but should never effect the result of a computation.
  • subductionQuotientRing: the polynomial ring with one variable for each generator of the subring

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For the programmer

The object Subring is a type, with ancestor classes HashTable < Thing.