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SubalgebraBases :: StorePending

StorePending -- Flag for storing the pending list to the result of the Sagbi algorithm


The function sagbi produces a SAGBIBasis computation object. If the StorePending flag is true then the output will contain a copy of the pending list. The pending list contains all S-pairs grouped by their degrees. If the Sagbi algorithm terminates without producing a complete sagbi basis, for example due to Limit, then the computation may be resumed by calling sagbi on the resulting computation object with new options. The resumed computation will use the pending list stored in the SAGBIBasis computation object. If there is no pending list in the computation object then one will be created. Depending on the computation, the pending list may be very large and it may not be convenient to save all the data.

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Functions with optional argument named StorePending :

For the programmer

The object StorePending is a symbol.