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RandomMonomialIdeals :: mingenStats

mingenStats -- statistics on the minimal generators of a list of ideals: number and degree complexity



This function removes zero ideals from the list of ideals, then calculates the average and the standard deviation for the number of minimal generators and degree complexity of the list of nonzero ideals.

i1 : n=4; D=3; p={0.0,1.0,0.0}; N=3;
i5 : B=randomMonomialIdeals(n,D,p,N);
i6 : mingenStats(B)

o6 = (10, 0, 2, 0)

o6 : Sequence

If the list given is a list of all zero ideals, mingenStats returns -infinity for the mean number of minimal generators and mean degree complexity.

i7 : B=randomMonomialIdeals(3,3,0.0,1);
i8 : mingenStats(B)

o8 = (-infinity, 0, -infinity, 0)

o8 : Sequence


The function mingenStats removes zero ideals from the list of ideals before computing the two values.

Ways to use mingenStats :

For the programmer

The object mingenStats is a method function with options.