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RandomMonomialIdeals :: Model

Model -- a type used to store a statistical model and its parameters


In order to generate and study random algebraic objects formally, one should define a statistical model for such objects. A model captures the random generating process of the objects. It consists of a name, a set of parameters, and a generating function, stored under the corresponding keys in the hash table.

i1 : ER(3,2,0.2)

o1 = Model{Generate => -*Function[/usr/share/Macaulay2/RandomMonomialIdeals.m2:130:23-130:47]*-}
           Name => Erdos-Renyi
           Parameters => (3, 2, .2)

o1 : Model

Combined with the type Sample, the type Model defined here stores such information and allows for a streamlined way to sample random objects, store the data as a proper statistical sample, and study their algebraic properties under the probabilistic regime.

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For the programmer

The object Model is a type, with ancestor classes HashTable < Thing.