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RandomMonomialIdeals :: ER

ER -- model for sampling from Erdos-Renyi type distributions on monomials


An Erdos-Renyi type model on monomials is a distribution over sets of monomials. When generating a monomial set, each monomial considered is added to the set with a fixed probability. The monomials are chosen from a given polynomial ring and are bounded by degree.

i1 : n=4; D=8; p=0.05;
i4 : myModel = ER(n,D,p)

o4 = Model{Generate => -*Function[/usr/share/Macaulay2/RandomMonomialIdeals.m2:130:23-130:47]*-}
           Name => Erdos-Renyi
           Parameters => (4, 8, .05)

o4 : Model

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Ways to use ER :

For the programmer

The object ER is a method function.