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RandomMonomialIdeals :: CountPure

CountPure -- optional input to show the number of objects in the list whose Betti tables are pure


Putting the option CountPure => true in function bettiStats adds the number of pure Betti tables to the Betti table statistics. In the following example, exactly one of the ideals has a pure Betti table:

i1 : ZZ/101[a..c];
i2 : L={monomialIdeal"ab,bc", monomialIdeal"ab,bc3"}

o2 = {monomialIdeal (a*b, b*c), monomialIdeal (a*b, b*c )}

o2 : List
i3 : (meanShape,meanBetti,stdevBetti,pure) = bettiStats (L,CountPure=>true);
i4 : pure

o4 = 1

See also

Functions with optional argument named CountPure :

For the programmer

The object CountPure is a symbol.