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Posets :: orderComplex

orderComplex -- produces the order complex of a poset



The order complex of a poset is the SimplicialComplex with vertices corresponding to the ground set of $P$ and faces corresponding to the chains of $P$.

i1 : orderComplex booleanLattice 3

o1 = simplicialComplex | v_0v_4v_6v_7 v_0v_2v_6v_7 v_0v_4v_5v_7 v_0v_1v_5v_7 v_0v_2v_3v_7 v_0v_1v_3v_7 |

o1 : SimplicialComplex

The minimal non-faces are given by the incomparable pairs of vertices in $P$. Thus the order complex is the independence complex of the incomparabilityGraph of $P$ and the clique complex of the comparabilityGraph of $P$. Moreover, the facets are given by the maximalChains of $P$. Thus, the order complex of a chain poset is a simplex.

i2 : orderComplex chain 5

o2 = simplicialComplex | v_0v_1v_2v_3v_4 |

o2 : SimplicialComplex


This method renames the vertices with integers $0, 1, \ldots$ corresponding to the index of the vertices in the GroundSet.

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For the programmer

The object orderComplex is a method function with options.