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Posets :: lcmLattice

lcmLattice -- generates the lattice of lcms in an ideal



The LCM lattice of an Ideal is the set of all LCMs of subsets of the generators of the ideal with partial ordering given by divisibility. These are particularly useful in the study of resolutions of monomial ideals. Note that the minimal element of an LCM lattice will always be defined to be $1$ in the ring $R$ containing $I$ rather than $1$ in ZZ.

i1 : R = QQ[x,y];
i2 : L = lcmLattice monomialIdeal(x^2, x*y, y^2)

o2 = L

o2 : Poset
i3 : compare (L, 1_R, x^2*y);

Note that if $I$ is not a MonomialIdeal, then the method automatically uses the Strategy "subsets."

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Ways to use lcmLattice :

For the programmer

The object lcmLattice is a method function with options.