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PackageCitations :: cite

cite -- obtain bibtex citations for Macaulay2 packages



When called without an argument, cite produces the desired reference to Macaulay2.

i1 : cite

o1 = @misc{M2,
       author = {Grayson, Daniel R. and Stillman, Michael E.},
       title = {Macaulay2, a software system for research in algebraic geometry},
       howpublished = {Available at \url{}}

When applied to a loaded package cite returns a bibtex citation for inclusion in a LaTeX document, assuming there is enough information included in the package to build it. Compare the following.

i2 : cite PackageCitations

o2 = @misc{PackageCitationsSource,
       title = {{PackageCitations: citation of \emph{Macaulay2} packages. Version~0.1}},
       author = {Aaron Dall},
       howpublished = {A \emph{Macaulay2} package available at ""}
i3 : cite Text
Warning: The "Text" package provides insufficient citation data: author.

o3 = @misc{TextSource,
       title = {{Text: documentation and hypertext. Version~0.0}},
       author = {},
       howpublished = {A \emph{Macaulay2} package available at \url{}}

If cite is given a string, then it will load the package if necessary and issue the corresponding citation. Note that if the package is certified then two bibtex entries will be produced: one for the article witnessing the certification and one for the source code. Moreover, if the headline of a package does not meet a certain set of criteria then a more generic title containing "A Macaulay2 package" is produced. For example, the package PieriMaps is a certified Macaulay2 package whose headline is deemed too long by the cite method.

i4 : cite "PieriMaps"

o4 = @misc{PieriMapsSource,
       title = {{PieriMaps: A \emph{Macaulay2} package. Version~1.0}},
       author = {Steven V Sam},
       howpublished = {A \emph{Macaulay2} package available at \url{}}

       title = {{Computing inclusions of Schur modules}},
       author = {Steven V Sam},
       journal = {The Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry: Macaulay2},
       volume = {1},
       year = {2009},

No effort is made to correct apparent typos in the package data. The user is urged to check for correct spelling and grammar.

i5 : cite "Bruns"

o5 = @misc{BrunsSource,
       title = {{Bruns: make a 3-generator ideal with an ``any" resolution. Version~2.0}},
       author = {David Eisenbud},
       howpublished = {A \emph{Macaulay2} package available at \url{}}

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