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NCAlgebra :: toNCRing

toNCRing -- Converts a Ring to an NCRing



This function converts commutative rings and quotients of exterior algebras created by Macaulay2 to the type of an NCRing. An error is returned if the input ring has some commutative and some skew-commutative generators.

i1 : R = QQ[a,b,c,d]

o1 = R

o1 : PolynomialRing
i2 : I = ideal(a*d-b*c)

o2 = ideal(- b*c + a*d)

o2 : Ideal of R
i3 : S = R/I

o3 = S

o3 : QuotientRing
i4 : S' = toNCRing(S)
--Calling Bergman for NCGB calculation.

o4 = S'

o4 : NCQuotientRing
i5 : ideal S'

o5 = Two-sided ideal {-ba+ab, -ca+ac, -cb+bc, -da+ad, -db+bd, -dc+cd, -bc+ad}

o5 : NCIdeal

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Ways to use toNCRing :

For the programmer

The object toNCRing is a method function.