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NCAlgebra :: ncMatrix

ncMatrix -- Create an NCMatrix



This command creates an NCMatrix. As with the matrix command, the user may provide this matrix as a doubly nested list of NCRingElements, or as a doubly nested list of NCMatrices.

The ncMatrix(NCRing,List,List) constructor is used only when creating maps to and from the zero free module.

i1 : A = QQ{a,b,c,d}

o1 = A

o1 : NCPolynomialRing
i2 : M = ncMatrix {{a,b,c,d}}

o2 = | a b c d |

o2 : NCMatrix
i3 : N = ncMatrix {{M,2*M,3*M},{4*M,5*M,6*M}}

o3 = | a   b   c   d   2*a 2*b 2*c 2*d 3*a 3*b 3*c 3*d |
     | 4*a 4*b 4*c 4*d 5*a 5*b 5*c 5*d 6*a 6*b 6*c 6*d |

o3 : NCMatrix

Ways to use ncMatrix :

For the programmer

The object ncMatrix is a method function.