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Miura :: reduced

reduced -- Compute Reduced Ideal



The function reduced computes the reduced ideal given an integral ideal by executing inverse twice. The reduced ideal is the ideal that minimizes the pole order among the ideals in the same class

i1 : setPolynomialRing({x,y},{2,3})

o1 = PR

o1 : PolynomialRing
i2 : setQuotientRing(y^2-x^3-7*x)

o2 = QR

o2 : QuotientRing
i3 : J=ideal(x,y); reduced(J)

o3 : Ideal of QR

o4 = ideal (x, y)

o4 : Ideal of QR

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Ways to use reduced :

For the programmer

The object reduced is a method function.