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LatticePolytopes :: degreeOfJetSeparation

degreeOfJetSeparation -- computes the degree of jetSeparation at a given point



degreeOfJetSeparation is a function. Given the set of lattice points of a convex polyhedron and a point a matrix it computes the maximal k such that the associated line bundle is k-jet spanned at the point

i1 : P=convexHull(matrix{{0,2}});
i2 : Q=convexHull(matrix{{0,4}});
i3 : A=latticePoints(cayley({P,Q},2));
i4 : pt=matrix{{1},{1}};

              2        1
o4 : Matrix ZZ  <--- ZZ
i5 : degreeOfJetSeparation(A,pt)

o5 = 2

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For the programmer

The object degreeOfJetSeparation is a method function.