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Jets :: Jets

Jets -- compute jets of various algebraic, geometric and combinatorial objects


This package enables computations with jet functors. It introduces the jets method to compute jets of polynomial rings, ideals, quotients, ring homomorphisms, and varieties. The construction of jets follows an algebraic procedure discussed in several sources, including the first three references below.

Additional features include an alternative algorithm to compute the radical of jets of monomial ideals, a function to construct jets of graphs, a method for principal components of jets, and an option for jets with "projective" gradings.


L. Ein and M. Mustaţă, Jet schemes and singularities.

F. Galetto, E. Helmick, and M. Walsh, Jet graphs.

R.A. Goward and K.E. Smith, The jet scheme of a monomial scheme.

P. Vojta, Jets via Hasse-Schmidt Derivations.



This documentation describes version 1.1 of Jets.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file Jets.m2. The auxiliary files accompanying it are in the directory Jets/.


For the programmer

The object Jets is a package.


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