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GroebnerWalk :: getWalkTrace

getWalkTrace -- get current value of walkTrace



The value of walkTrace determines how much additional information is printed during a call to groebnerWalk. The function getWalkTrace allows the user to check the current value of walkTrace.

Levels of walkTrace are as follows:

Level 0: No additional information is printed. This is the default level.

Level 1: The total number of conversions performed during the algorithm is printed at the end of the computation. Conversions are sometimes done in initialization and finalization at the start and end of the path, and otherwise happen at faces in the Groebner fan.

Level 2: All Level 1 information is printed, and the current vector and size of the Groebner basis are printed at each conversion step. Since information is printed at each conversion, this level is helpful for verifying that the computation is proceeding and noticing where the algorithm gets stuck.

Level 3: All Level 2 information is printed, and the codimension of the face in the Groebner fan where the conversion is taking place is printed at each conversion. Note that running on Level 3 will significantly slow down the computation, and is not recommended except for testing.

i1 : getWalkTrace()

o1 = 0
i2 : setWalkTrace 2;
i3 : getWalkTrace()

o3 = 2

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Ways to use getWalkTrace :

For the programmer

The object getWalkTrace is a method function.