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GeometricDecomposability > CheckCM

CheckCM -- when to perform a Cohen-Macaulay check on the ideal


Whether to check that the ideal is geometrically vertex decomposable using the result of [KR, Corollary 4.5] which relates the geometrically vertex decomposable and Cohen-Macaulay properties. Set CheckCM=>"once" to perform this check once (default, only for the ideal given in the input), CheckCM=>"always" check for the following $C_{y,I}$ and $N_{y,I}$ ideals as well, or CheckCM=>"never".


[KR] P. Klein and J. Rajchgot. Geometric Vertex Decomposition and Liaison. Forum of Math, Sigma, 9 (2021) e70:1-23.

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Functions with optional argument named CheckCM :

For the programmer

The object CheckCM is a symbol.