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Topcom :: Topcom

Topcom -- interface to selected functions from topcom package


Topcom is mathematical software written by Jorg Rambau for computing and manipulating triangulations of polytopes and chirotopes.

This package implements two key functions from the topcom package isRegularTriangulation checks whether a triangulation of a point set is a regular triangulation, and regularFineTriangulation (missing documentation) computes a triangulation which involves all lattice points of a polytope.


There are many other functions available in Topcom. If you wish any of these implemented, or you would like to contribute such an implementation, please contact the author.

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This documentation describes version 0.5 of Topcom.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file Topcom.m2.


  • Functions and commands
    • allTriangulations (missing documentation)
    • chirotope (missing documentation)
    • fineStarTriangulation (missing documentation)
    • flips (missing documentation)
    • isRegularTriangulation -- determine if a given triangulation is a regular triangulation
    • naiveChirotope (missing documentation)
    • naiveIsTriangulation (missing documentation)
    • numFlips (missing documentation)
    • numTriangulations (missing documentation)
    • orientedCircuits (missing documentation)
    • orientedCocircuits (missing documentation)
    • regularFineStarTriangulation (missing documentation)
    • regularFineTriangulation (missing documentation)
    • regularTriangulationWeights (missing documentation)
    • topcomIsTriangulation (missing documentation)
  • Methods
    • "isRegularTriangulation(Matrix,List)" -- see isRegularTriangulation -- determine if a given triangulation is a regular triangulation
  • Symbols
    • ConnectedToRegular (missing documentation)
    • Fine (missing documentation)
    • Homogenize (missing documentation)
    • RegularOnly (missing documentation)

For the programmer

The object Topcom is a package.