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InvariantRing :: LinearlyReductiveAction

LinearlyReductiveAction -- the class of all (non finite, non toric) linearly reductive group actions


This class is provided by the package InvariantRing.

LinearlyReductiveAction is the class of all linearly reductive group actions on (quotients of) polynomial rings for the purpose of computing invariants. It is created using linearlyReductiveAction. This class should not be used for actions of tori or finite groups, as its methods for computing invariants are in general less efficient than specialized methods for the classes FiniteGroupAction, and DiagonalAction.

Functions and methods returning an object of class LinearlyReductiveAction :

Methods that use an object of class LinearlyReductiveAction :

For the programmer

The object LinearlyReductiveAction is a type, with ancestor classes GroupAction < HashTable < Thing.