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SubalgebraBases :: subring

subring -- Constructs a subring of a polynomial ring.



This function serves as the canonical constructor for the Subring type.

Generators that are constants are ignored because all subrings are assumed to contain the field of coefficients. An error is thrown if the given set of generators does not contain at least one non-constant generator. The generators of a subring need not be reduced.

i1 : gndR = QQ[x];
i2 : A = subring {x^4+x^3, x^2+x}

o2 = subring of gndR

o2 : Subring
i3 : subring sagbi A

o3 = subring of gndR

o3 : Subring
i4 : (x^3+x^2)%A

o4 = p  - p
      0    0

o4 : QQ[p ..p ]
         0   2

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Ways to use subring :

For the programmer

The object subring is a method function with options.