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SparseResultants :: SparseResultant

SparseResultant -- the class of all sparse resultants


An object of this class is created by the method sparseResultant, when the input is given by $n+1$ integral matrices $A_0,\ldots,A_n$ with $n$ rows. Such an object behaves like a function that to $n+1$ Laurent polynomials $f_0,\ldots,f_n$ in $n$ variables $x=(x_1,\ldots,x_n)$, with $f_i = \sum_{\omega\in \{columns\ of\ A_i\}} a_{i,\omega} x^{\omega}$, associates their sparse resultant $Res_{A_0,\ldots,A_n}(f_0,\ldots,f_n)$, which is a polynomial in the coefficients $a_{i,\omega}$. An error is thrown if the polynomials $f_i$ do not have the correct form.

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For the programmer

The object SparseResultant is a type, with ancestor classes HashTable < Thing.