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PencilsOfQuadrics :: orderInPic

orderInPic -- order of a line bundle of degree 0 in Pic(E)



Computes the order of a degree 0 line bundle L on the hyperelliptic curve E by the most naive method.

i1 : kk=ZZ/101;
i2 : g=1;
i3 : rNP=randNicePencil(kk,g);
i4 : f=(cliffordModule(rNP.matFact1,rNP.matFact2,rNP.baseRing)).hyperellipticBranchEquation

          3       2 2        3      4
o4 = - 12s t - 50s t  - 16s*t  + 47t

o4 : kk[s, t]
i5 : L=randomLineBundle(0,f);
i6 : orderInPic L

o6 = 37


The ground field kk has to be finite. It computes the order by checking inductively whether L^k is trivial, so it may fail when kk is not finite, or has too many elements. orderInPic(phi) may not terminate if it is not the yAction of a line bundle of degree 0 on E.

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The object orderInPic is a method function.