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MultiplierIdealsDim2 :: MultiplierIdeals

MultiplierIdeals -- multiplier ideals


MultiplierIdeals is a package for computing multiplier ideals, log canonical thresholds, and jumping numbers, using specialized routines wherever possible.

The package Dmodules provides computations of multiplier ideals, log canonical thresholds, and jumping numbers of arbitrary ideals using general algorithms.

This package provides alternatives for special classes of ideals, including monomial ideals, hyperplane arrangements, generic determinantal ideals, and binomial ideals (currently, ideals of curves in 3-space parametrized by monomials). These special computations are typically much faster than general methods and can often handle larger examples.



The multiplier ideals and log canonical thresholds computed by this package are valid over any field in any characteristic. In some cases results may be computed over other coefficient rings, such as ZZ, but they may not represent actual multiplier ideals or log canonical thresholds.

For the programmer

The object MultiplierIdeals is a function closure.