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VersalDeformations :: VersalDeformations

VersalDeformations -- calculating versal deformations and local Hilbert schemes


This package provides tools for calculating tangent and obstruction spaces as well as power series solutions for deformation problems involving isolated singularities and projective schemes.

A basic description of the package's approach to deformation problems can be found at the documentation node for versalDeformation. For details and mathematical background see

The numerous examples presented in the documentation nodes for versalDeformation and localHilbertScheme are classical deformation problems, considered in the following articles:

The author thanks Jan Christophersen for helpful hints, especially regarding the computation of T2.


Certification a gold star

Version 1.0 of this package was accepted for publication in volume 4 of the journal The Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry: Macaulay2 on 2012-06-05, in the article Versal deformations and local Hilbert schemes. That version can be obtained from the journal or from the Macaulay2 source code repository, svn://, release number 14710.


This documentation describes version 2.1 of VersalDeformations.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file VersalDeformations.m2.