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Text :: html(TEX)

html(TEX) -- conversion of TeX to html



This method handles conversion to html, but only for a limited subset of TeX. Nevertheless, it can be useful in documentation nodes. It is useful to use strings delimited by /// (missing documentation), because in strings delimited by " (missing documentation), the backslashes often used in TeX must be doubled.

i1 : TEX ///A formula: $a \times \ {b\over c^3}$///

o1 = A formula: $a \times \ {b\over c^3}$

o1 : TEX
i2 : html oo

o2 = A formula: <i>a &times;&nbsp;b/c<sup>3</sup></i>

Here is the way the TeX above appears if used in documentation: A formula: a × b/c3.

Here are some examples designed to illustrate each feature of TeX we've implemented. (This documentation page should be viewed in its html form.)


The algorithm used assumes that the html produced will be contained in a HTML P container, as can be produced with PARA, especially if display math is used ($$ .. $$).