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SimplicialPosets :: SimplicialPosets

SimplicialPosets -- A package for working with simplicial posets.


The primary purpose of this package is to implement the simplicial poset ring as defined by Richard P. Stanley in 1989.

Stanley's original paper.


This package uses some code from the Posets package.

Thanks to Victor Reiner. This project was his idea.



This documentation describes version 1.0 of SimplicialPosets.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file SimplicialPosets.m2.


  • Functions and commands
    • fromFVector -- If possible, returns a simplicial poset with the given f-vector.
    • getFVector -- Returns the f-vector {f_{-1},f_0,...,f_{d-1}} of the given poset.
    • isBoolean -- Determine if a poset is a boolean algebra.
    • isSimplicial -- Determine if a poset is simplicial.
    • stanleyPosetIdeal -- Returns ideal that defines the simplicial poset ring of the given simplicial poset.
    • testFVector -- Tests if it is possible for a simplicial poset to have a given f-vector.