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NonminimalComplexes :: NonminimalComplexes

NonminimalComplexes -- support for computing homology, ranks and SVD complexes, from a chain complex over the real numbers


Some functionality here should be moved elsewhere.


Currently, this package requires that the Macaulay2 being run is from the res-2107 git branch



This documentation describes version 0.2 of NonminimalComplexes.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file NonminimalComplexes.m2.


  • Types
    • SparseMatrix (missing documentation)
  • Functions and commands
    • constantStrand -- a constant strand of a chain complex
    • constantStrands -- all constant strands of a chain complex
    • degreeZeroMatrix (missing documentation)
    • getNonminimalRes (missing documentation)
    • minimizeBetti (missing documentation)
    • newSparseMatrix (missing documentation)
    • sparseMatrix (missing documentation)
    • SVDBetti -- the Betti table computed with SVD methods
  • Methods
    • net(SparseMatrix) (missing documentation)
    • numColumns(SparseMatrix) (missing documentation)
    • numRows(SparseMatrix) (missing documentation)
  • Symbols
    • ColumnNums (missing documentation)
    • Entries (missing documentation)
    • RowNums (missing documentation)