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Macaulay2Doc :: documentation keys

documentation keys

The Macaulay2 documentation is linked together by cross-references from one documentation node to another. Each node is identified by a string, which is the title of the node. Some nodes, such as this one, have titles that are simply invented by the author. Others have titles that are manufactured in a certain way from the aspect of the program being documented, for the sake of uniformity.

For example, the title of the node describing resolutions of modules is "resolution Module". The corresponding key is (resolution, Module), and it is the job of the function makeDocumentTag to convert keys to titles.

Here is a list of the various types of documentation keys.

i1 : makeDocumentTag "some title"

o1 = User :: some title

o1 : DocumentTag
i2 : makeDocumentTag (symbol ++, Module, Module)

o2 = User :: Module ++ Module

o2 : DocumentTag
i3 : makeDocumentTag ((symbol _, symbol =), Symbol, Thing)

o3 = User :: Symbol _ Thing = Thing

o3 : DocumentTag
i4 : makeDocumentTag (Tor,ZZ,Module,Module)

o4 = User :: Tor_ZZ(Module,Module)

o4 : DocumentTag