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LieTypes :: simpleLieAlgebra

simpleLieAlgebra -- construct a simple Lie algebra



The classification of simple Lie algebras over the complex numbers is well known. There are four infinite families (types A, B, C, D) corresponding to the Lie algebras sl(n+1,C), so(2n+1,C), sp(2n,C), so(2n,C) respectively, and five exceptional simple Lie algebras, E6, E7, E8, F4, G2.

i1 : simpleLieAlgebra("A",1)

o1 = Simple Lie algebra, type A, rank 1

o1 : LieAlgebra
i2 : simpleLieAlgebra("E",6)

o2 = Simple Lie algebra, type E, rank 6

o2 : LieAlgebra

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