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ConformalBlocks :: conformalBlockDegreeM04bar

conformalBlockDegreeM04bar -- computes the degree of a conformal block bundle on $\bar{M}_{0,4}$



This function implements the formula given in [Fakh] Corollary 3.5 for computing the degree of a conformal block vector bundle V on M0,4.

The first line of the example below shows that the conformal block bundle V(sl3,1,(ω1122)) has degree 1 on M0,4 ≅ℙ1. The second line shows that this vector bundle is a line bundle. Hence, V(sl3,1,(ω1122)) is isomorphic to O(1).

i1 : sl_3 = simpleLieAlgebra("A",2);
i2 : V=conformalBlockVectorBundle(sl_3,1,{{1,0},{1,0},{0,1},{0,1}},0);
i3 : conformalBlockDegreeM04bar(V)

o3 = 1
i4 : conformalBlockRank(V)

o4 = 1

Ways to use conformalBlockDegreeM04bar :