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Macaulay2Doc :: Ideal

Ideal -- the class of all ideals


For basic information about ideals in Macaulay2, see ideals.

Common ways to make an ideal:

Common ways to get information about an ideal: Common operations on ideals: Gröbner bases, normal forms, free resolutions
  • gb -- compute a Gröbner basis
  • leadTerm -- get the greatest term
  • codim -- compute the codimension
  • dim -- compute the Krull dimension
  • Matrix % Ideal -- normal form of ring elements and matrices
  • resolution -- projective resolution
  • betti -- display degrees
Numeric information about homogeneous ideals Primary decomposition and components of an ideal Ideals from geometry Common ways to use an ideal:

An ideal I is an immutable object, so if you want to cache information about it, put it in the hash table I.cache.

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Types of ideal :

Functions and methods returning an ideal :

Methods that use an ideal :

For the programmer

The object Ideal is a type, with ancestor classes HashTable < Thing.